Pakistan: Honor Killing Targets 10-Year-Old

From The Idaho Reporter:
In yet another mindless act of what appears to be “honor killing”, parents stoned to death their 10-year-old girl, Gul Sama. This happened in the Sindh province in Pakistan on November 21st or 22nd, yet to be confirmed by local police.

News of the murder was spread on social media which lead police to arrest the girl’s parents. It was reported that the stoning had been so brutal that her head and face could not be recognised.

Although her parents claimed that she had died in a landslide, the evidence shows that she was executed in an “shame killing” because she had started a relationship and was about to escape the home with her boyfriend. So, instead of grounding her they decided to stone her to death.

Two other people from the village were also arrested: the Imam who lead the funeral prayer as well as a man who played a part in her burial….

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