Germany: Muslim Truck Driver Rams Into Cars, Screaming 'Allah' (Cops Warn Against 'Speculation')

From NTV:
After an accident involving about a dozen injured, the police in Limburg in the state of Hesse are moving towards a “bigger operation”. The driver of a truck drove into several cars. He has been arrested.

A truck drove through a traffic light in Limburg in Hesse into several vehicles. Around a dozen people were lightly and one seriously injured, said the police headquarters of West Hesse in Wiesbaden. The driver of the truck was arrested after the incident at the station.

According to a report in the “Frankfurt New Press”, the man was said to have hijacked the truck and deliberately rammed the cars in Limburg. The driver of the truck “is said to have been first stopped by several passers-by, with the driver saying ‘Allah’ on several occasions,” the report said. The “FNP” reporter had interviewed the passers-by.

The police of Westhessen wrote on Twitter: “Please note: The suspect has been arrested, our investigations are underway – please hold back with guesswork, no one needs trolls or wild speculation.”

The authorities spoke of a “major police operation”. According to a spokesman, the impact occurred at a traffic light. Several people were trapped in cars, said a police spokesman for the German Press Agency. He spoke of eight affected vehicles. Details are still unclear.

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