German State Sponsored Media Refuses To Report On Stuttgart Sword Murder

From Voice of Europe:
After receiving many questions on why Deutschlandfunk has not reported on the barbaric sword murder of a Kazakh father (36) in Stuttgart by a man originally believed to be a Syrian but might actually be Jordanian Palestinian (28) according to the tabloid Bild.

The state sponsored broadcaster released the following statement claiming the attack was not of national importance or societal significance unlike the case of a mother and her 8-year-old son being pushed in front of a train by an Eritrean in the same week in Frankfurt.

The statement further reads that the outlet was filled with sadness and disbelief but the nationality of the attacker does not justify reporting on it despite the debate on social media.

Instead the Deutschlandfunk states that enough regional and local outlets reported on it, which are available to everyone online.

Interestingly enough the same outlet deemed stories that two thirds of Fridays-for-Future-Protesters are female and near accidents at Lake Constance worthy of articles and national interest on the same day….

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