In East London, Christmas And Halloween May Be Outlawed

From Weekly Blitz:
With East London gradually going under the total control of Muslims, some of the community centers and Muslim leaders in the East London are saying, for the Muslims, celebrating Halloween or Christmas are not only prohibited by the Islamic textures but it also is an “act of extreme sin”.

Majority of the Muslim residents in East London consider Britain as the “land of infidels” and non-Muslims as “enemies of Allah”.

At homes, Muslim parents teach their students to hate the non-Muslims, while most of the youngsters in that locality are encouraged in wearing Islamic attire while boys are insisted on growing beard.

Nowadays, Muslim females in East London face social wrath if they do not wear the burqa or at least hijab. Wearing burqa or hijab is becoming mandatory in London’s Muslim-dominated areas, thus paved that path of Islamization of this historic city.

British law enforcement struggling to cope with a burgeoning wave of terrorism? It’s the ghost of the Raj, British rule in India, that has come back to haunt Britain.

The terrorists in the U.K. used low-cost weapons and acted as individuals with unsophisticated plans, which suggests the absence of a pyramidal support system But we should not call them lone wolves — they are still part of ideological and organizational networks functioning mainly online — for example, YouTube and social networks.

French scholar, Olivier Roy, argued that the problem of jihadi terrorism is only loosely related to Islamic fundamentalism. That is, radicals are radicals from the start, and they embrace the jihadi narrative largely because of a shortage on the “global market of fundamentalist ideologies”.

Kepel, who has received multiple death threats from the jihadi world because of his work, strongly disagrees.

“Roy’s theory on the Islamification of radicalism is the theory of someone who does not speak Arabic and does not look into the relation between jihadi actions and the Salafi doctrine behind them,” Kepel says. “The real challenge lies in understanding the radicalization of Islam and its connection to terrorism”.

Gilles Kepel, is a leading French expert on fundamentalist Islam and the author of “Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West”……

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