Austria: Critic Of Islam Brutally Beaten

From Jihad Watch:
The Upper Austrian Islam critic and Member of Parliament Efgani Dönmez was beaten on Sunday night on the Linzer Landstraße by a Chechen and brought to the hospital with injuries. The gruesome incident is said to have occurred before the eyes of Dönmez’s eleven-year-old daughter.

The 23-year-old attacker had previously hid behind a car when he surprisingly attacked the former ÖVP politician and his daughter in the pedestrian zone. Dönmez and his daughter were verbally abused by the Chechen first.

Later, the man grabbed an umbrella that had been dropped off in front of a betting shop and went after Dönmez and the girl. The member of the National Council was able to protect himself and his helpless daughter and ward off the blows of the brutal Chechen.

Dönmez (42) broke a finger in the fierce attacks, suffered lacerations on his head, and was hospitalized with several bruises in a hospital in Linz. The police arrested the perpetrator of Chechen descent. The Turkish Cultural Community (TKG) has speculated in a statement that the attack could have been a contract from a third party.

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