Austria's Headscarf Ban In Primary Schools

From Jihad Watch:
Austria has approved a “ban on headscarves for girls in primary schools” which is specifically aimed at banning the oppressive hijab.

Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz said last year: “Covering up small children is definitely not something for which there should be space in our country.”

The patka head covering worn by Sikh boys and the Jewish kippa will not be affected by the ban, since it is aimed specifically at coverings of “all of the hair or large parts of it.” Exceptions also include “medical bandages and protection from rain or snow.”

This latest primary school ban is deemed to be “an extension of current rules outlawing burkas and full-face coverings”, which poses a clear security threat in addition to the subjugation of women.

FPÖ education spokesman, Wendelin Mölzer, said the latest law represents “a signal against political Islam” while the ÖVP MP Rudolf Taschner said the measure was necessary to free girls from subjugation.”

Opposition to the ban advanced flawed reasoning…

Irmgard Griss, of the liberal Neos party, said the ban threatened to do more harm than good by making girls at Austrian schools responsible for the repressive policies of authoritarian regimes in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

The ban is not to punish the girls for the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia and Iran, or to hold them responsible;  but serves to send the message that the girls are equals to males under the Austrian constitution.

The ban is a rejection of sharia tenets which deem females to be inferiors. The Quran demands female coverings (Quran 24:31, 33:59). The sharia is discriminatory, supremacist, intolerant and has no place in Western societies, least of all in schools.

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