Sweden: Afghan Migrant Tried To Run Over People

From Nyheterldag (Swedish):
LUND On New Year’s Day, the Afghans traveled around Lund in a stolen car and tried to drive into at least ten people on pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, but everyone escaped him, not least thanks to a taxi driver who went after him and chased him until he was caught. Now he is being prosecuted for ten cases of attempted murder. “I know, I get good feelings of becoming a martyr to God,” he says himself.

An elderly man from Afghanistan had refueled the car in Malmö, but on his way out of the gas station, a younger Afghan stood in the way and kicked the car when it stopped. The driver got out of the car and asked what he was doing, but then the younger man began to wave his arms against him.

“He shouted all the time I’m gonna beat you, I’ll kill you, you fucking old man. All this he said in Persian,” said the car owner in questioning.

As the driver backed off, the younger man jumped into the car, where the car keys remained in the lock, and drove from there. A couple of hours later – it is unclear exactly what he did in between – he came to Lund, where for half an hour he drove around at leisurely speed and looked for victims to run over and kill.

His goal was both cyclists and pedestrians, and on a couple of occasions he slowed down and stopped to target people across the street, and then run down and try to run them over. According to one witness, at one point he aimed at a group of young people, 30–40 in number, but at that point the edge to the pavement was too high, so he was not able to get over it. On several other occasions, he just drove up on sidewalks to target pedestrians who in some cases had to run away.

Taxi driver may have saved the lives of many

One of the reasons that no one lost their lives or even got some injuries was probably that an available taxi driver, himself with a background in the Middle East, paid attention to the Afghan at an early stage when he passed a crossing without stopping. The taxi driver understood what he was doing and pursued him. He then noticed that the Afghan was trying to drive a cyclist and then a pedestrian.

“When I saw that he is trying to drive people, I drove after him and watch out because I have to pay attention to people on his car. I thought he would hurt or kill someone. I kept following him all the time, hoping people would see him,” he said in interrogation.

Via the com radio, the driver contacts the taxi company, which in turn calls the police….

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