Hamas Leader Praises Violent Riots, States “We Want To Bomb Tel Aviv”

From Jihad Watch:
“Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza, on Saturday praised the violent riots along the Gaza-Israel border” as tens of thousands of Palestinians massed along the border on the first anniversary of the “Great March of Return.”

The Palestinians, despite their aim to obliterate Israel “from the River to the Sea,” are demanding an end to Israel’s security blockade. So once again, in an effort to bring peace and stop rocket attacks, Israel negotiated a futile agreement with Hamas. Part of the agreement includes an easing of “the restrictions on the fishing area and gradually open the Gaza crossings to allow additional goods through.” Israel also intends to also “allow Qatari money into Gaza. The funds are intended to improve Gaza’s water, sewage, and electricity infrastructure.”

It’s no secret that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority routinely funnel aid money to jihad terror activities, and there is no reason why this deal will be any different. Loosening restrictions along the border will also spell trouble. The more appeasement of jihadists, the more emboldened they become. Although Palestinians have focused enormous energy upon raging about the Israeli border with Gaza, Egypt, too, has a border wall; construction of it was approved in 2010 and the wall was finished in 2013. After a terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula in 2014, the “Rafah crossing has been virtually sealed.” Barricades by Israel and Egypt have both been erected for security purposes only.

While Israel yet again embarks on futile efforts toward peace, Deputy Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri emphasizes that this Hamas-Israel agreement “is not a peace agreement,” while Yahya Sinwar stokes the violence and declares “we want to bomb Tel Aviv.” The sooner the world wakes up and takes seriously the documented goals laid out by Hamas, the PA, the PLO and Fatah — to obliterate Israel — the sooner real solutions can be developed. The founding Charter of Hamas states in Article 28 that “Israel, Judaism and Jews challenge Islam and the Muslim people: ‘May the cowards never sleep.’”

“Hamas leader: We want to bomb Tel Aviv,” by Dalit Halevi, Israel National News, March 31, 2019:
Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza, on Saturday praised the violent riots along the Gaza-Israel border.

“Our [Palestinian] people today stuck to the basic principles, the right of return and the breaking of the siege, and they support the resistance,” said Sinwar, who came to encourage those who participated in the disturbances on the occasion of Land Day.

He added, “Our [Palestinian] people say en masse that they want to live in dignity and want to live, and they say: ‘O (Al-Qassam Brigades), beloved ones, bomb Tel Aviv.’”

According to Sinwar, the issue of the terrorist prisoners in Israel is at the top of the list of priorities in Hamas’ talks with Egypt and Qatar, which are serving as mediators in negotiations with Israel.

He stressed that the so-called “March of the Return” processions would continue until the siege is broken, the “right of return” is realized and liberation arrives.

Approximately 40,000 rioters and demonstrators gathered Saturday in several locations along the Gaza security fence, the IDF reported.

The rioters hurled rocks and set tires on fire. In addition, a number of grenades and explosive devices were hurled at the Gaza-Israel security fence in a number of different incidents.

IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means and fired in accordance with standard operating procedures.

The riots took place a day after reports emerged of an agreement between Hamas and Israel on a calm in Gaza….

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