Swedish Official Says Veil Is Symbol Of Oppression, Has To Resign

From Inside the Games:
Swedish Swimming Federation (SSF) chair Ulla Gustavsson has resigned following a backlash to her comments that a veil was a “symbol of repression”.

Gustavsson’s made the comment in an interview, where she criticised an advert that showed a boy and a Muslim girl participating in shooting competitions, with the latter wearing a veil.

“Everything should not be shown,” Gustavsson said, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

“If they want to show girls with an immigrant background, it can be done without them having a veil.

“Now, [it] shows that they like and encourage honour repression: genital mutilation, child marriage, honour violence.

“That upset me.

“The veil is a religious, political and sexist garment.

“In the Swedish National Sports Association’s values, gender equality is important and the veil stands for something else.

“When such images are displayed, they normalise repression.”

The Swedish Swimming Federation have distance themselves from Gustavsson’s comments, with reports in the country that the official had been dismissed from her position.

The Federation later claimed that Gustavsson had chosen to resign following the controversy.

“Ulla Gustavsson has a big heart for Swedish swimming, and we are grateful for the work she has put into the movement, both nationally and internationally,” Stefan Persson, the Federation’s vice-chair, said.

“But the Swedish Swimming Federation board takes the recent debate very seriously, and has come to the conclusion that there are no longer conditions for Ulla Gustavsson to successfully lead the Swedish Swim Association.

“Ulla Gustavsson has, therefore, chosen to resign as chairman of the Board.

“Her personal perceptions and statements contrast with the Swedish Swim Federation’s strategy and basic view that all children should fit in our activities on equal terms.”…

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