Muslim Attacks Two Christians As They Fed The Homeless

From Mail Online:
A Muslim who spat at a disabled Christian preacher has been jailed for more than four years for attacking volunteers as they gave out food to the homeless.

Ali Al-Hindawi, 23, shouted ‘Allah is god’ at wheelchair-bound Claudio Bogge before threatening him and spitting at him.

The evangelical preacher, who was handing out leaflets for his local church, told the incensed Al-Hindawi: ‘I love you because Jesus loves you.’

Al-Hindawi then carried out another vicious assault on a Christian volunteer who was helping the homelessness, several hours later on 11 June, 2018.

He taunted Kayode Ogunleye, who was working with an outreach programme for the homeless on Victoria Street in Westminster, before flying into a rage biting his fingers.

Al-Hindawi then beat the volunteer over the head with a metal bar taken from a bike lock until his victim was left bloodied and lying on the floor.

After the cruel assault, Mr Ogunleye told police that he forgave Al-Hindawi, wishing him ‘only Jesus’s love.’

A fortnight later Al-Hindawi was asked to leave St Vincent’s homeless hostel following accusations of drug dealing.

He then threatened to cut the throats of staff working at the Christian hostel before trying to burn the charity to the ground with a makeshift flamethrower.

Prosecutor Suki Dhadda told how on the 1 June, within just a few hours of arriving in London from Coventry, Al-Hindawi was already causing carnage.

‘On 1 June at approximately 1:20am, Mr Rob Baker was with his friend on Euston Road outside McDonalds.’

She told how the pair saw Al-Hindawi sleeping next to a branch of Barclays bank and Mr Baker turned to his friend and said: ‘That could be me tomorrow night.’

Al-Hindawi leapt to his feet and shouted: ‘Do you think that’s funny?’

‘He turned round and said, “No mate.” Mr Baker and his friend offered the defendant their food but again that only seemed to make him angrier.

‘He punched him in the side of his head at least twice.’

Ms Dhadda then told the court how Al-Hindawi shouted: ‘I’ve got a screwdriver, I’m going to stick it in you.’

Mr Baker later told police: ‘I have never experienced anything like this before, I give money to homeless people – I felt sorry for the male and the situation he was in.’

Al-Hindawi was arrested and he handed over the offending screwdriver to police before being released on bail.

Describing the next attack, the prosecutor said: ‘On the 11 June at approximately half past seven in the evening, Mr Boggi was giving out leaflets from his church.’

Ms Dhadda told how Al-Hindawi approached the disabled man shouting: ‘Allah is god, Jesus was only a prophet. You’re in a wheelchair, you’re lucky I don’t hit you.’

‘The defendant then spat at him and that landed on him.’

Mr Boggi replied: ‘God’s love covers multiple sins. I still love you because Jesus loves you.’

Later that day, Al-Hindawi approached Mr Ogunleye who was handing out food to homeless people.

Al-Hindawi shouted at him: ‘Hey big fella, what are you going to do?’

‘All of a sudden the defendant headbutted the victim, this he said glanced off his forehead, the defendant then bit his fingers.

‘The defendant reached down in front of his trousers and he took out a metal object.’

Ms Dhadda told how Al-Hindawi ‘managed to smash this item into the back of Mr Ogunleye’s head.

‘The victim then felt blood coming down the back of his neck and the police arrived a short time later.’

‘He forgave the male, wishing him Jesus’s love and said he would continue his outreach work for the homeless.’

‘There was headbutting, a number of punches, the biting of fingers and then, your honour, the smashing of the metal pole on the back of the head.’

Paramedics later treated a one inch gash at the back of Mr Ogunleye’s head.

Turing to the final set of offences, Ms Dhadda said: ‘This incident occurred on the 25 June at St Vincent’s centre on Carlisle Place.

‘He was told by members of staff that they were withdrawing services because of allegations of drug dealing. The defendant spat at both the females.’

The prosecutor told how the two women, Milita Raymond and Nora O’Keefe, managed to escape the consultation room before Al-Hindawi began his rampage.

She told how he broke into the main reception area, jumped on the counter and began kicking the glass while the horrified pair watched on from behind a protective door alongside the charity’s director, Roger Clark.

‘He then armed himself with a broken bottle,’ explained Ms Dhadda, adding, ‘The defendant looked at him [Clark] holding the broken bottle and stated he would cut their throats.’

The prosecutor told how Al-Hindawi managed to smash over £3,000 worth of printing and computer equipment before he reached into his bag and produced a deodorant spray while grabbing a guillotine.

Al-Hindawi then set light to the canister, creating a makeshift flamethrower, before pointing it at the frightened trio.

He then stormed out of the centre, attempting to punch a number of passers-by and swinging the paper-cutting blade.

He then walked back into the building and attacked the charity’s director: ‘He approached Mr Clark, still armed with the guillotine, and struck him across the back.’

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said: ‘So this was the director of the charity that was looking after him?’

‘Yes,’ replied Ms Dhadda, ‘that caused a hairline fracture to his left shoulder.’

When police viewed the CCTV of the incident, they saw earlier clips of the defendant walking around the centre with bread knife that he had stolen from the kitchens….

Avirup Chaudhuri, defending explained that the defendant suffers from drug problems and ADHD….

Al-Hindawi, of no fixed address, admitted four counts of common assault, threatening another with an offensive weapon, possession of an offensive weapon, actual bodily harm, two counts of criminal damage, possession of a bladed article and one count of grievous bodily harm.

A further count of religiously aggravated assault was left to lie on file….

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