Germany: Twenty Patrol Cars Move Out To Tame Allahu Akbar Man

From the Freie Presse (translation via Jihad Watch):
The police describe the incident in politically correct official German:

There was a major police operation on Steintorplatz on early Friday afternoon, when a man resisting police measures during his inspection asked numerous bystanders to support him. The man was introduced to a medical officer.

Police officers of the Police Commissariat 11 became aware of the man early Friday afternoon, because he screamed loudly and aggressively at Steintorplatz and gestured towards the sky. He is said to have articulated several utterances of religious background.

The man was then checked by the crew of a nearby patrol car (m / 26, w / 44). He ignored the officials, however, and raised his arms again and again. As time went on he braced himself against police measures, pushed away with his arms and resisted so strongly that the officials fell down with him on the ground. With the help of other officers, they finally managed to handcuff the man. He is a 31-year-old Turkish-born German.

During the police operation, a higher double-digit number of passers-by gathered. They initially stood very close to the intervening officer and which the man tried to summon his support. Other police officers who had been alerted separated the bystanders from the scene.

The man was later transported to the police station 11 and later presented to a medical officer. He ordered his instruction to a psychiatric department of a hospital….

In total, nearly 20 patrol cars were involved in the operation.

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