Another Anti-Buddhist Hate Crime In Sri Lanka

From Jihad Watch:
In the early hours on the 26th of December, at least two revered statues of Buddha were vandalized in the Delgahagoda village near Mawanella, Sri Lanka, by two Muslim youths. One youth was captured by residents of the house next to the Buddha statue after they heard the sound of breaking glass.

After the incident, the local mosque issued a press statement condemning the hate crime and expressed their apology to the Sinhalese community. The suspects were arrested on the same day by Sri Lankan police.

But responding to the media, Muslim government ministers and Parliamentarians were too quick to pay the damages caused to the statues, and in return they asked to settle the dispute, without a response from the Sinhalese to give more information about the circumstances of the hate crime to ease tensions between the communities, leaving many unanswered questions. So far there is no public backlash to the recent anti-Buddhist hate crime.

The current hate crime comes after the massive public outrage in March 2018 which led to conflict, when a Sinhalese Buddhist truck driver was brutally attacked by at least four Muslim youths; the victim succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the assault. The public outrage over this senseless murder led to large-scale riots among the Sinhalese ethnic community, which states that it is continually targeted for violence by Islamic jihadists.

The photos show a typical pattern for the destruction of Buddha statues across Asia, where the face and head are usually the primary targets for destruction, often starting with the nose, ears and sometimes the fingers of the statues. Also, these hate crimes commonly involve desecration of holy sites, such as smearing excrement or placing soiled undergarments on statues and the surrounding sacred areas. Village mobs of Islamic jihadists have been known to burn down entire Temples, and Buddhist monks are often the victims of frequent harassment and gruesome murders. [...]
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