Obama Administration Dropped Huge Terror-Funding Case

From the Clarion Project:
Why did the Obama Administration drop a huge terror-funding case?

In 2014, I was involved in triggering a federal investigation into Islamic Relief, one of the world’s largest Islamic charities. A criminal case was presented by three government agencies, whereupon the Obama Administration’s Justice Department astounded the agents involved by declining to prosecute. It is time for Congress to demand answers.

A federal special agent with years of counter-terrorism experience noticed my published research into the Islamic Relief charity and asked to meet with me in 2014.

As I walked him through a trove of documents, he was taken aback: Islamic Relief, a powerhouse global charity, had extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other extremist groups, while receiving federal grants and federal employee donations.

The charity was embraced by both political parties. It even enjoyed close working relationships with the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.

This raised questions about the government’s vetting process and the influence of Islamic Relief and similar groups on U.S. counter-terrorism policy.

It became clear to the agent that an investigation of Islamic Relief would likely implicate a range of other powerful organizations. I provided information on eight additional groups that could be subject to a broader investigation.

The agent was alarmed by the gravity of the situation. He, nor anyone he knew of, had been briefed about this multilayered Islamist network in America.

As a result of my research and briefings, an investigation was triggered. The FBI, IRS and Office of Personnel Management opened investigations into Islamic Relief and its various arms.

Islamic Relief USA’s acceptance onto the Combined Federal Campaign charity list, which allows federal employees to automatically donate to approved non-profits, also drew federal scrutiny.

The case was potentially bigger than the one against the Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorism-financing case in American history. And, if prosecutions occurred, there would likely be a domino effect impacting many other Islamist organizations in America and around the world.

Then, near the end of Obama Administration in 2016, the Justice Department declined to prosecute. Federal agents were stunned. No clear reason was given. The investigation into Islamic Relief continued, but the criminal case presented by the three government agencies would not move forward.

The only reasonable speculation: The administration lacked the political will to take on the case….

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