Hate Crime Declared In Attack Of Old Jewish Man By Muslim

From Yeshiva World:
The Muslim suspect who beat an elderly Hasidic Jewish man in Boro Park on Sunday has now been charged with a hate crime.

Sources confirmed to YWN that the Brooklyn District Attorney upgraded the charges on Friday afternoon, after inexplicably resisting calls and recomendations [sic] all week to do so.

Farrukh Afzal, 37, of Staten Island, has 8 prior arrests.

As reported on YWN, Afzal reportedly shouted “Allah, Allah”, said he wanted to “kill all Jews” and made references to ‘Israel’ while viciously beating 62-year-old R’ Lipa Schwartz on Sunday.

The attack appeared to be unprovoked (not that anything could ever justify such a heinous act).

Schwartz said he feared for his life during the attack: “I’m telling you if he had a knife he would stab me right on the place. No doubt,” Schwartz said….

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