Germany: Seven Muslim Migrants Gang-Rape 18-Year-Old In Front Of Disco

Translation via Jihad Watch 

From Krone:
Horrible crime in Germany: After a techno party, an 18-year-old girl was said to have been raped by eight men. All eight – allegedly seven Syrians and a German – are in custody.

As the “Bild” reports, the 18-year-old celebrated with a friend on October 14 in a Freiburg disco. An unknown man gave her a drink. Around midnight, the girl went to the door with this man. In a bush, the 22-year-old, who is from Syria and is said to have been in Germany since 2014, then raped the 18-year-old.

As if this had not been bad enough, according to the report, the man left his victim in the bushes – and told his friends who had been in the disco about the defenseless girl in front of the building. Then, according to “Bild,” at least seven other men then sexually abused the 18-year-old.

All eight suspects are in custody, according to the newspaper. The investigation continues to run at full speed, a chief commissioner said.

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