India: Preacher Tells Muslims They Shouldn't Like Non-Muslims

From Times of India:
KOZHOKIDE: A Salafi preacher has lashed out at Muslim organisations for cleaning up temples and offering prayers there as well as in churches during the recent Kerala floods, describing such acts as among the most detested in Islam….

In the September edition of Al Islah magazine, Abdurauf Nadvi, a member of the Salafi group led by Zakkariyya Swalahi, has denounced celebration of these acts of communal amity. He said these acts amounted to associating with ‘shirk’ (polytheism), which Islam had strictly prohibited.

“Polytheism and the path leading to it have been strongly discouraged in Islam. How can a Muslim offer prayer at a place where the idols, the cross and the photos of Mary and Christ are installed,” Nadvi asked….

A Muslim should establish bonding with those who believe in monotheism and Allah, and dislike those who worship any God other than Allah. This formed the basis of ‘thouheed’ (the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism) and it had been clearly told in Quran by narrating the example of Prophet Ibrahim in Surat al Mumtahanah, Nadvi said. “How can a Muslim wash and clean the objects of worships that have been declared as enemies by Prophet Ibrahim,” he asked.

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