9/11: Seventeen Years Have Passed, And No End Is In Sight

From Jihad Watch:
It is seventeen years after 9/11, and stating the motivating ideology of the people who took down the Twin Towers and attacked the Pentagon is taboo. The establishment media coverage glossed over it. Delving in it beyond the idea that the hijackers had hijacked their own religion as well as four airplanes will get you charges of “racism,” “bigotry,” and “Islamophobia.”

Meanwhile, the West has been inundated with people who hold to the same ideology as that of the hijackers. And no end is in sight, as the social media giants are moving quickly now to stifle all dissent and allow only one point of view to be heard: that which claims that Islam is a religion of peace and that mass Muslim migration into the West will have only a benign effect. [...]

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