UK: Neo-Nazis, BNP Praise Far-Left Jeremy Corbyn For His Jew Hatred

From the Daily Mail:
Jeremy Corbyn has been praised by former BNP leader Nick Griffin as he desperately struggles to contain another anti-Semitism row today.

Mr Corbyn was hit with a wave of condemnation after MailOnline revealed he had complained at a 2013 meeting that British Zionists ‘don’t understand English irony’.

Labour MP Luciana Berger branded the jibe ‘inexcusable’ and said it made her feel ‘unwelcome in my own party’.

But he has received support from an unwanted quarter in the form of a tweet from Mr Griffin. The far-right activist wrote: ‘Go Jezza! I wonder how many Labour activists the hysterical #Zionist media campaign against Corbyn is re-pilling (sic)?’

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