Germany: Shots Fired At Church During Mass

From Press Portal:
Stolberg (ots) – After unknown people fired several shots at the windows of the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption in Salmstrasse on Sunday, the police investigated. Nobody got hurt.

On Sunday at 12:10 pm, during the fair, visitors heard pops, and shortly afterwards breaking glass. An inspection revealed that a pane of glass was damaged in the area of ​​the gallery. The alarmed police later found spent ammunition from an air rifle below this disk.

At about 7 pm, at the beginning of the evening mass, several shots were fired again at the church windows. Again, the glass splintered. One concerned person later told the police that the glass shards had literally flown around his ears. Even as he alerted the police, another shot had been fired. Again, no one was injured. The police then immediately started a search, but had no success.

In the evening, officials gathered evidence at the scene. In the immediate vicinity of the church, the officials, with the consent of a householder, searched his home. But they found nothing that could illuminate the deed. The background of the act is so far completely unclear….

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