UK: Man Rips Off Woman's Cross Off Door After Delivering Food

From Metro (UK):
This is the shocking moment a takeaway delivery driver ripped a Christian cross from a woman’s front door then threw it on the floor before delivering her food.

Georgia Savva, 48, had just been about to leave for work on Tuesday when she noticed the Palm Sunday cross that had been on display by her front door for years had been torn into pieces and left scattered on her doormat.

Surprised, she asked her two teenage children to check the family’s CCTV security system to see what had happened, assuming an animal was to blame.

But she was left shocked when the footage revealed the creepy truth – that their supposedly friendly local takeaway house’s delivery driver had grabbed it from the wall and ripped it in half, before chucking it to the ground.

Just seconds later the video shows the door opening and Ms Savva’s teen son handing the worker cash for the takeaway – including a generous tip.

Last night, the 48-year-old finance worker, who is Greek Orthodox, said she was heartbroken that anyone could be so disrespectful.

She has been visiting the Romna Gate Tandoori in her home of Southgate, north London, since she was a teenager, spending thousands there and always tipping staff at the Indian restaurant.

She said: ‘I saw the broken cross on Tuesday and mentioned it to the children, who are at home revising for exams.

‘They told me to go to work and they would check the camera at the front of the house.

‘I assumed it would be a fox or something as the cross had been there for years, but they called me and said it was the delivery driver.

‘I called the restaurant and they ignored me and then I was so furious I went in there after work….

‘People are all too aware of things that are anti-Muslim, or anti-semitic, but there isn’t even a name for things that are anti-Christianity.

‘There is no way I’m letting this rest. There is no way I’m going to let my children think that sort of behaviour is OK. If I can prosecute, I will.’

Georgia has now called the police and they came out to interview her on Wednesday night.

She shared the video of the delivery driver on Facebook, saying she was ‘disgusted’ and tagging the restaurant responsible.

She posted: ‘This is the moment the vile delivery driver* tore down our palm crucifix off the wall and threw it to the ground.

‘Who knew anti-Christianity was rife in North London! I have called several times and left messages and went into the restaurant and was told there is nobody of authority that can assist. Absolutely disgusted.’

Georgia was inundated with supportive comments, saying no religious hatred should be tolerated.

The restaurant has since put up an apology to Georgia on its Facebook page and blamed Ramadan for the fact they haven’t got back to her….

‘There have so far been no arrests.’

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