Turkey Deports Afghan Refugees, And There Is International Silence

From the AFP:
ISTANBUL (AFP) – Turkey was on Sunday deporting hundreds of Afghan migrants back home on special flights, in a major operation after thousands illegally entered the country in recent weeks.

Early Sunday morning 227 Afghan migrants boarded a charter flight from Erzurum in northeastern Turkey back to Kabul, the Dogan news agency said.

It said a total of 691 Afghan migrants would be deported this week with two more flights expected from Erzurum to Kabul later. The flights are being provided by an Afghan airline.

Dogan news agency quoted migration officials in Erzurum as saying Turkey planned to deport all 3,000 Afghan migrants who were currently in Erzurum.

In Kabul, officials denied that the refugees were being deported, insisting they were coming back home at their own choice.

“A number of Afghan refugees are coming back to the country of their own will,” said Islamuddin Jurat, spokesman for the ministry of refugees and repatriations.

“They are the ones who wanted to use Turkey as a transit route to other countries, but when they failed they decided to come back.”…

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