Islamophobia Outbreak In NYC: Counterterror Officers Hit Streets In Wake Of Syria Strikes

From Jihad Watch:
Islamophobia in New York: the NYPD is sending out counterterrorism officers throughout the city in the wake of the strikes in Syria. The NYPD is thus acting upon the presumption that Muslims may commit jihad terror attacks in revenge for those strikes.

Oh, the Islamophobia! How dare they suggest that Muslims might have something to do with terrorism! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should call his friend Linda Sarsour immediately, apologize, and pull these counterterrorism officers off the streets.
From the Daily Mail:
The New York Police Department is heightening security by sending out counterterrorism officers throughout the city.

The ramped up security announced Friday follows Trump’s military strike in Syria.

However the city insists that there are no credible threats in the Big Apple.

Department spokesman Phillip Walzak announced that the counterterrorism officers have been deployed ‘out of an abundance of caution.’

‘The NYPD is working with our intelligence bureau liaisons stationed abroad as well as our federal partners, and closely monitoring the U.S. military action in Syria,’ Walzak said in a statement.

The counterterrorism officers were announced just an hour after President Donald Trump announced the military strike in Syria on in response to a suspected chemical attack on Friday….

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