UK Lord Asks Government To Ask Muslim Leaders To Issue Fatwa Against Rape Gangs, Gets Lies In Response

From Jihad Watch:
Lord Pearson dares to grasp the third rail and ask if there is anything in the Qur’an that could explain the phenomenon of Muslim rape gangs (yes; see 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50 and 70:30), and if the government will ask Muslim leaders to issue a fatwa against it. “Can we talk about Islam without being accused of hate crime?”

Note the answer he gets from Conservative Party spokesman Lord Young. Young first claims that the sexual exploitation of children is not limited to any particular race or religion. That’s true, of course, but when thousands of British girls have been raped and trafficked by Muslim men for decades, it is a spectacular evasion of what is the real problem. Nonetheless, the witless dhimmi lords shower Young with “hear hears,” and do it again when he warns that we must be careful with our language on this matter — meaning that we should be careful to say (falsely) that rape gang activity has nothing to do with Islam.

Then Young shifts focus to Muslims as victims based on an alleged hate incident, asserts (falsely) that there is nothing in the Qur’an that justifies rape gang activity (see the verses above), and claims that respect for women is inherent in Islam. He alludes to a hadith in which Muhammad is depicted as saying that Paradise is at the feet of the mother. He doesn’t quote the Hadith in which Muhammad is shown saying that most people in hell are women, because they are defective in piety and intelligence. Nor does he refer to the Qur’an’s sanction of wife-beating (4:34), its devaluation of a woman’s testimony (2:282) and inheritance rights (4:11), etc.

Lord Young represents the disconnection from reality, fantasy and wishful thinking about Islam that prevail at the highest levels in Britain, and that are leading that nation rapidly to ruin.

(Thanks to Tundra Tabloids)

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