Texas: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Father Of Clock Hoaxer Ahmed Mohamed

From Jihad Watch:
Islamic supremacists traffic in intimidation in attempting to silence their foes and all critics of jihad terror. Far from being discriminated against, after his false claim Ahmed Mohamed was showered with adulation from “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Google co-founder Sergey Brin,” while “Tweets, think pieces and daytime TV segments were dedicated to dissecting how Ahmed’s situation typified racism and Islamaphobia [sic] in America,” and he “visited the Google Science Fair, met with Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir, posed with the queen of Jordan at a United Nations Summit, appeared on the ‘Doctor Oz’ show and last night, made it to the White House.”

Ahmed Mohamed became the darling of the political and media elites and met Obama. He was celebrated everywhere as an innocent victim of “Islamophobia.” He became an international hero. This lawsuit was a naked attempt to continue the intimidation efforts that his clock represented. His clock, which looked like a suitcase bomb, was a strike against the dictum “If you see something, say something”: after Ahmed’s clock, school officials and others will think twice before committing career suicide by questioning suspicious behavior by Muslims. After that, Ahmed and his family moved in for the kill, trying to intimidate people into not even daring to criticize Muslims who engage in these intimidation tactics, for fear of being slapped with a lawsuit.

“Judge dismisses lawsuit of Muslim boy’s dad with prejudice,” Associated Press, March 15, 2018:
DALLAS – A judge has dismissed with prejudice a lawsuit filed by the father of a Muslim boy arrested after taking a homemade clock to his Dallas-area school.

The decision Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of Dallas means that Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed’s lawsuit cannot be refiled again based on the same claims. The judge also ordered the family to cover all of the costs of the lawsuit.

The family of Ahmed Mohamed had complained that the Irving, Texas, school district discriminated against the boy, then 14, in 2015 because of his race and religion.

Ahmed was charged with having a hoax bomb. Police later dropped the charge, but he was suspended. His family didn’t send him back to the school.

His case drew international attention, and then-President Barack Obama invited him to the White House.

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