Tennessee Man Interested In ISIS Charged With Making False Statements In Attempt To Purchase Firearm

From WSMV (NBC local):
ANTIOCH, TN (WSMV) – An Antioch man was arrested and charged by federal agents for making false statements in an attempt to purchase a firearm after he was flagged by two local police for erratic behavior and interest in ISIS and mass shootings.

Khari Milak Whitehead, 26, was arrested on Friday by agents with the FBI and ATF after a criminal complaint was filed by Metro Police in early 2018 about his behavior and attempts to purchase weapons.

After the complaint was filed, Whitehead was committed to a mental institution to undergo evaluation.

MNPD’s complaint also mentions an incident in 2013 when Whitehead was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for showing off a hand grenade at a crowded Nashville nightclub.

In 2017, Metro Police was also called to his residence when a family member reported he was “acting out of control and crazy.”

The family told police at that time that Whitehead had converted to Islam and might have become radicalized. They also told officials he had been watching ISIS propaganda videos on the internet and allegedly said, “white people are going to end up getting it.”

Rutherford County also filed a complaint against Whitehead calling for a mental evaluation in 2017 when he attempted to purchase a sniper rifle and ammunition from Walmart….

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