Sweden: Police To Focus On Combating “Hate Speech”

From Jihad Watch:
We have recently seen how this works in Sweden: a 65-year-old woman is on trial for “hate crime,” and has been intensively harassed by police. This announcement means that more Swedes who oppose Islamization and mass Muslim migration will be harassed and persecuted by Swedish authorities, while the jihad grows ever more aggressive.

“The police to focus on combating hate speech,” translated from “Polisen storsatsar mot åsiktsbrott,” Fria Tider, March 22, 2018 (thanks to Denny):
Domestic. The Police in the South Region will now focus more on combating and investigating so-called hate crime as “harassment of an ethnic group.” A special regional group will be formed responsible for investigating and prosecuting such cases throughout the region, the police have announced on their website. According to the police, investigations must be conducted with urgency and special skills.

It is ahead of the forthcoming elections this autumn that the police in southern Sweden now have to make extra efforts to fight so-called hatred and crime against democracy.

The police mention crimes as “harassment of an ethnic group,” but point out that the hate crime designation may apply to any crime if the intention was to attack someone because of their national origin, ethnicity, color, belief or sexual orientation. If there is a so-called hate crime motive, the perpetrator could receive a more severe penalty for the crime.

Crime against democracy is described as a crime that threatens someone’s constitutional right to exercise, for example, the freedom of expression and religion.

The police in the South region already have a hate crime group, and it is going to be expanded in the spring to work throughout the region. It will have a “holistic mission” combating crime against democracy and hatred.

“As for the determining that motives of hatred exist, this will be the work of investigators whose investigations are outside of the purview of police. Some crimes should be investigated in this way because special skills are needed,” said Petra Stenkula, Head of the Investigation Unit, in a video.

“Crimes against democracy and hate crime are something that we will look at in particular. We will make sure that we investigate these crimes with special expertise, and preferably with a little urgency to ensure human rights, “she says.

The police will also work to create trust among groups that are said to be exposed to “hate crimes,” so that even more people will dare to report these crimes to police.

According to Stenkula, much is not known about the prevalence of such crimes, among other things because the victims hesitate to report them.

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