School Run Taxi Driver 'Left Children Alone In Car While He Went To Pray In Mosque'

From the Lancashire Telegraph:
A TAXI firm is being investigated following claims a driver left a group of children alone in a car during a school run while he went to pray in a mosque.

A driver for taxi company Tiger Taxis, based in Clitheroe, has been accused of ‘negligence’ after a group of children, believed to be between 12 and 14, were left alone in one of the firm’s taxis while dropping them home from Coal Clough Academy, in Burnley after 1pm on Friday.

Tiger Taxis is contracted to provide transport for school children from the Swindon Street academy by Lancashire County Council.

The taxi driver is alleged to have gone to the mosque after he received a phone call from one of his friends who told him it was “time to go and pray” while the children were being driven home in the taxi.

The driver stopped his car near a mosque in Nelson and left the children in the car for 15 minutes, it has been claimed.

One of the children in the car, Paul Jackson Jr, was then 30 minutes late getting to his home in Kelbrook, Barnoldswick, his father said.

Paul Jackson, 44, who lives in Kelbrook, a 30-minute car journey away from the academy, said he was furious after he learnt his 13-year-old son was one of the children left alone in the vehicle.

He said: “It’s highly unacceptable and unsafe to leave children alone in a car.”….

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