Saudi Arabia Says It Will Ban All Muslim Brotherhood Books And Purge Its Influence From Schools And Universities

Three years ago, Saudi Arabia declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization “on par with Hezbollah and al Qaeda,” and the United Arab Emirates has done the same.

This could be a very big deal. Interesting how some Western countries haven't really done enough when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

From Al Araby:
Saudi Arabia will purge its school curriculum of any influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as dismiss employees who chose to sympathise with the banned group, announced the education minister.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Issa said the government will “fight extremist ideologies by reviewing school curricula and books to ensure they are free of the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda”.

It also seeks to “ban books attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood from all schools and universities and remove all those who sympathise with the group”, he added.

The move comes after the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in an interview with CBS television that elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, which the Kingdom has designated as a “terror group”, had infiltrated Saudi schools.

The prince has vowed to return the country to “moderate Islam”, introducing a number of social reforms in a country dominated by hardline rhetoric.

Many members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood sought refuge in Saudi Arabia after persecution following regime crackdowns, beginning with Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s.

Some were later employed in education and public sectors.

Last september, Human Rights Watch said that the kingdom’s religious studies curriculum stokes intolerance with “hateful and incendiary language” towards religious minorities.

HRW said a comprehensive review of school books produced by the education ministry found violent and intolerant teachings, despite official promises to eliminate them.

This has been shaped by the country’s state-sanctioned, hardline Wahabbi interpretation of Islam.

The US considers Saudi Arabia a country of “particular concern” when it comes to religious persecution, but successive administrations have waived the potential sanctions that come with such a designation.

HRW has urged the US, a key Saudi ally, to end the waiver.

Saudi Arabia designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation in 2014. Hardline groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State group are also blacklisted.

Internal threat

The ruling Al Saud family has always regarded Islamist groups as a major internal threat to its rule over a country in which appeals to religious sentiment resonate deeply and an al-Qaeda campaign a decade ago killed hundreds.

Since the kingdom’s founding, the al-Sauds have enjoyed a close alliance with clerics of the ultra-conservative Wahhabi school of Islam who have espoused a political philosophy that demands obedience to the ruler.

By contrast the Brotherhood advances an active political doctrine urging revolutionary action, and now, democracy, which flies in the face of Wahhabi teaching…..

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