Belgium: Taxpayer-Funded Theater Company Seeking Real Islamic State Jihadis To Act In A Play

From Jihad Watch:
What could possibly go wrong? This production could be explosive!

“‘Culturos’ NTGent are looking for real IS fighters as actors,” translated from “‘Culturo’s’ NTGent zoeken echte IS-strijders als acteurs,” by Jonas Naeyaert, Sceptr, March 14, 2018 (thanks to L.):
NTGent, a city theater in Ghent, is working on a new production. The performance will be about the famous Lamb of God painting. But for this performance, they are looking for real IS jihadists, as it turns out today. The painting of the Van Eyck brothers depicts Knights of Christ and “in our modern, super-diverse society, the concept of crusader must, of course, be pulled open,” according to Het Laatste Nieuws.

People who killed their brother or sister, apple and snake lovers, exhibitionists, blacks and real IS fighters. For all these people, NTGent placed an advertisement in the newspaper. On the famous painting of the Van Eyck brothers – the Lamb of God – Adam and Eve are depicted next to the Lamb himself, Cain and Abel, the Just Judges and the Knights of Christ. And that is why NTGent is looking for all kinds of modern “metaphors.” Since there are no more knights of the cross, NTGent wants to opt for IS fighters. “Are you fighting for your beliefs? For God? Are you moist for IS, for other religions? (sic),” is their advertisement.

“I do not want to say that we are actively looking for IS fighters”

“I do not want to say that we are actively recruiting IS fighters,” says Tom De Clercq, press officer of NTGent, in Het Laatste Nieuws. However, the advertisement leaves little room for nuance. And from mail traffic that HLN obtained, it also explicitly shows what people are looking for: “Salafists and jihadists.”

On the original painting, the Knights of Christ are at the bottom left. Between the Lamb himself and the Just Judges (the missing panel). And “in our modern, super-diverse society, the concept of crusader must of course be pulled open”, it says….

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