Austrian Parents Are Afraid: Syrian Boy Threatens His Classmates With Murder

From Searchlight Germany:
Parents in the Salzburg town of Bad Hofgastein are afraid for their children. Several parents attended a meeting on Friday with Mayor Fritz Zettinig and municipal office manager Wolfgang Schnöll. They are afraid for their children, did not let them go to school the last day before the holidays. The reason: A ten-year-old boy from Syria, who has been attending the local elementary school for three weeks, has already threatened his classmates with murder several times. He is said to have said to the girls that if they don’t marry him, he’ll kill them. He is said to have threatened others “that they will still see blood today”. The apparently radical student underpinned his threats with videos on YouTube. In these he posed with horror clown masks, knives and guns. The boy holds the knife to his temple and points the gun at his head. In the video, however, it becomes clear that he wants to kill others. Even if it has meanwhile been clarified that the boy will be suspended from school for at least 14 days after the Easter holidays. The police have already been called in. The boy’s family has received a council flat. The parents don’t speak German, they have three children and apparently don’t think much of integration. At the moment, only the ten-year-old is said to be conspicuous. Every time he has to see the director, he freaks out and runs his head against the wall. His Facebook profile shows what the boy thinks of Germans and Austrians. He despises them. The ten-year-old is said to have attended elementary school in Schüttdorf. There, too, were massive problems with him. That’s why he was transferred.

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