Al-Qaeda Video: ‘Jihad’ Is ‘Effective Way’ To Defeat ‘America And Its Cheating Crusader Leader,’ Donald Trump

From Breitbart:
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri, in a newly disseminated video, urges the group’s jihadi followers to “unite in confronting” the top enemy of all Muslims across the world, the United States and its “blatant crusader,” President Donald Trump.

He goes on to identify the primary goal of al-Qaeda’s jihad as restoring the “rightly guided Caliphate” and all of the lands once held by Muslims, extending from Jerusalem to Spain, noting that the territory is still “ours.”

Zawahiri’s declaration echoes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s announcement when he established the now-dismantled worldwide caliphate in June 2014.

The U.S.-led coalition and its allies have diminished the Islamic State (ISIS) “caliphate” by 98 percent, but dangerous pockets remain.

The near single-eyed focus of that coalition in defeating ISIS has allowed al-Qaeda to grow stronger, particular in Syria, which reportedly houses the most active wing of the Osama bin Laden legacy group.

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