Sweden: Dental Hygienist Notes That Refugees Aren't Minors, Advises Migration Board About Adults Masquerading As Teens, And Is Fired

Below is a translation from the original Swedish.

From Samhällsnytt (Swedish):
A dental hygienist advised the Migration Board about “unaccompanied” adults — and was therefore kicked out of work. Now his entire family’s property can be confiscated by the region of Gotland, which has hired a star lawyer.

It was in July last year that dental hygienist Bernt Herlitz, 56 years old at the time, with his wife looked into one of Almedalen’s seminars dealing with age assessment in the judiciary and in the sports world. The theme was urgent for the couple because both of them worked at the Public Health Service in Visby, where many of the so-called unaccompanied refugees had their teeth examined. In 2016, the debate on these refugees became more heated — not least because of the high cost of living, which in some cases could be 6-8 thousand kronor per day.

“I would probably estimate that up to 80% of them were obviously adults. This can be seen, for example, on wisdom teeth that were fully grown — something that is only seen in adults,” Bernt says.

“The suspicions must be reported”

The subject was broached over a snack in the breakfast room, but nobody knew how to deal with the suspicions, according to Bernt. In the subsequent seminar participated, among others, Åsa Carlander-Hemingway, a unit manager from the Swedish Migration Board, who told the couple that it was important that the right age of refugees be determined, and that all suspicions should be reported to the Swedish Migration Board.

Said and done — when he returned to work in August that year, Bernt began to advise the Migration Board about his suspicions. In total, he sent more than 8 emails, in which he stated that he was a dental hygienist and felt that the age stated in the Migration Board’s actions was wrong.

“It was important to set things right — not least because adults do not live with children.”

Little did Bernt suspect what would happen next. He never received any response from the Swedish Migration Board. Instead, one of its officials forwarded his e-mail to a supporter of one of the people the tips were about. The supporter, in turn, contacted Bernt’s superior at Folktandvården, Mats Kvarnberg. It did not take long before a full investigation was initiated.

“The manager asked me to come alone to a room, where there was also another senior manager from my employer, the region of Gotland. They told me I would not go to work tomorrow, that I was suspended and that there would be an investigation.”

How did it feel?

“It felt heavy. But I did not realize the seriousness of it yet. I told you that the woman from the Migration Board had told me to send reports. I thought it would be done in a few days and I could get back to work.”

But, in fact, it was not. 14 days later, Bernt was dismissed after 10 years of service at Folktandvården. The employer said he broke patient confidentiality, which could have been dangerous for his patients.

Fired and humiliated

All three local newspapers in Gotland described him as a dangerous activist and right-wing extremist who “age-rated refugees on his own.” The news also reached SVT.

“They wrote about me on the front page without even contacting me. One felt so enormously exposed. Sure, they have not printed my name, but Gotland is a small place and everyone knows everyone, so it’s not hard to figure out who it’s all about.”

But Bernt is neither right-wing nor even politically active….

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