UK: Angry Parents Compare Head At One Of Country’s Best Primary Schools To HITLER Because She Tried To Ban Young Girls From Wearing The Hijab

From the Daily Mail:
Furious locals have compared a headteacher at one of Britain’s top primary schools to Adolf Hitler after she tried to ban young girls from wearing a hijab in class.

Neena Lall, 50, banned the Islamic headscarf and fasting for pupils aged under eight who attend St Stephen’s Primary in Newham, east London.

Her decision angered parents and members of the local community so much so that a video was made portraying her as the Nazi leader.

The clip of Hitler’s famous rant was taken from the 2004 war film, Downfall, and the subtitles were edited to make it relevant to controversial ban at the school…..

‘You were supposed to make them all British. In tops hats, sipping tea, twirling their moustaches.’

He is then interrupted by one of his assistants who said: ‘Sir, they’re just kids. They are British.’

Hitler replied: ‘British like me. Like me you imbecile!’ But he was then told: ‘Mein Fuhrer, you’re Panjabi.’

The video, which portrays some of the school’s staff as Hitler’s assistants, began with a man pointing at a map and speaking to the leader.

But the subtitles read: ‘Parents are mobilising along the school entrances here and here.

‘They’re demanding your resignation. Thousands have signed petitions.’

The clip has been retweeted by a number of men who live in the local community.

Both Miss Lall and Arif Qawi, who was chair of the governers, also introduced a new rule at the school which prevented children from fasting during Ramadan for ‘health and safety reasons’.

An insider at the school, which was ranked number one in The Sunday Times league tables, said the ban was brought in because the hijab was ‘alienating’ young girls.

But one mother said parents were angry because only one faith was targeted.

The hijab ban resulted in a former mayor being investigated over claims he called her an ‘evil racist’.

Salim Mulla was accused of being part of a hate campaign that targeted Miss Lall.

But the school is said to have been bullied into reversing the move after it received ‘ridiculous oppression and intimidation’ in emails and online comments from around the country.

Mr Mulla, a serving Labour councillor in Blackburn was accused of being part of a campaign that led to Miss Lall caving in and her chairman of governors resigning.

In one Facebook post, he wrote: ‘Work needs to be done to get this evil woman out of school. She must go. She is racist bigot.’

Blackburn council’s leader Mohammed Khan said Mr Mulla’s behaviour was ‘not acceptable’ and the authority would ‘deal with him’.

He confirmed the former mayor – whose Facebook profile picture shows him in civic regalia shaking hands with the Queen – would not run in this year’s local election.

Miss Lall apologised to parents on Tuesday and chairman of governors Mr Qawi resigned.

He has now accused the Government of leaving staff exposed to bullying from ‘extremists’ over the hijab ban.

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