Racist Abuse? Or Something Else? The Case Of The First Austrian Baby of 2018

Christine Douglass-Williams has an interesting take on the noise surrounding the first 2018 newborn in Austria, a Muslim child.

Here's her post from Jihad Watch:
In today’s world, critical thinking is in short supply, which includes differentiating between varying circumstances. For example, it is prudent to oppose unvetted immigration that excludes the essential principle of a two-way street approach to immigration. This does not mean one is racist or “Islamophobic” to promote a two-way street. It spells logic.

It is also not racist to oppose political Islam, Islamic supremacism and jihad; this should be a given for all who enjoy Western freedoms. Unfortunately, there are Muslim groups (such as CAIR and its allies) that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terrorist financing. They push a victimology agenda that claims that any criticism of Islam, however justifiable, must be seen as “Islamophobic.” The case of baby Asel Tamga provides a opportunity for these charlatans to employ their bogus victimology agenda yet again.

As far as they are concerned, to point out global atrocities, abuses of women, murders, efforts to delegitimize and obliterate the state of Israel is “Islamophobic.” This victimology subterfuge strategy has been employed by the Muslim Brotherhood for some time, with full support from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is a main driver of the “Islamophobia” canard.

Now for the case of the Muslim parents who gave birth to Austria’s first newborn of 2018. Congratulations, and may this new child be a blessing to the nation of Austria, fostering integration, harmony, human rights and the like. To attack this couple and levy abusive language against them because of their coreligionists’ misdeeds is atrocious, and undermines the real efforts to battle the sinister forces of political Islam and its Islamic supremacist bullying of Western society.

Still, there are legitimate concerns about the Islamization of Austria and Europe in general, as represented by this birth, the hijab of the mother, etc. Europeans and North Americans are becoming frustrated with the stifling of legitimate voices warning about Sharia expansion, and the penalizing of the same. Assaults to democratic rights and freedoms are being perpetrated by leaders who ignore legitimate concerns and who have abandoned their responsibilities to protect their citizens. In their cowardice and determination to appease, they fail to advance the principle of human rights for all, regardless of color or creed.

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen has condemned “the hateful attacks on Baby Asel…After wishing Asel welcome to the world, he added that; ‘all people are born free and equal to dignity and rights.”

Let’s hope that the Austrian president truly supports the dignity of all without partiality, which includes standing against the appeasement of questionable Muslim lobbies that are falsely parading themselves as proponents of diversity and opposition to racism. But the chances of this are most unlikely. Back in April, Van der Bellen called on all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims to fight what he referred to as “rampant Islamophobia.”

These are the types of politicians who stir divisions in their countries, setting Muslims above every other citizen and rendering empty the words that “all people are born free and equal to dignity and rights.” There remains a gross cognitive dissonance of values among the far-left on issues of human rights, freedom and the equality of women, due to their blindspots and political posturing when pandering to Muslims.

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