They Brutally Robbed A Ninety Seven Year Old Swedish Woman

From Speisa:
At three o'clock at night on August 31, 97-year-old Elsa woke up to find four Arab men standing in the room. They had entered through the cellar door and then they prevented her from getting away as they carefully emptied her home for valuables. Among other things, Elsa was pulled down from the bed, hit on her back, held and threatened with a screwdriver which one of them held to her neck. In addition to taking valuables such as TVs, telephones and ATM cards, they also took personal valuables, such as wedding rings, etc. and they ate food from her refrigerator.

When they left after two hours, the men went to a cash machine and began to withdraw money. In a total of nine withdrawals, they managed to withdraw about SEK 15,000 ($1,700) from Elsa's account and also tried to fill gasoline on the car with the card.

A few days later, the men tried to break into a 95-year-old woman's house, but left without getting anything. When they fled from the scene they were arrested by the police, with stolen goods in their car from when they robbed Elsa's home a few days earlier.

The four men were sentenced in Malmö District Court on December 5, for robbery, attempted robbery, fraud and attempted fraud. The prosecutor asked for eight years in prison, but the penalties were much lower. After all, it is Sweden.

28-year-old Haiderat Salim was sentenced to jail for five and a half years, 18-year-old Aladdin Al Arabi received two years and nine months in prison, 18-year-old Mansour Alzafiri, who was 17 years old when the robbery was committed, received a year and ten month in youth care, and 20-year-old Mohammad Al Agawi got four years in prison and was expelled from the country for ten years.

The fact that men chose to rob these two houses was because Salim had worked in the home care and therefore knew that there were single old women there and that there were valuables to steal, reports Skånska Dagbladet.

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