Italian Town Removes Christmas Tree From Town Hall For Muslims

From Voice-Of-Europe:
According to the European Post, a traditional Christmas tree in the city of Bolzano had to be removed before a visit of the Muslim association. The reason given: “It could hurt their feelings or offend them.”

The city’s town hall Christmas tree, was decorated by the association of sport veterans, for the athlete of the year prize award ceremony. They also decorated the place with Christmas symbols and with Christmas coming, left them there.

But a day afterwards, the president of the sport veterans association received a phone call from the town hall office. He was asked to remove the Christmas tree and its decorations because the town hall would be visited by a Muslim association and it “could hurt their feelings, or offend them”.

Local politician Allesandro Urzì heard the story and calls it “bureaucratic rigidity” and a form of “Barbarisation of the general culture” in Italy. In another article he says the “tree is being sacrificed on the altar of goodness” and freely translated from Italian:

“Now respect for every religious confession should not be confused with the removal of the traditional symbols on which our society is founded. Believers and non-believers trace within them the elements that constitute our identity.”

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