Danish School Cancels Traditional Christmas Service Because Of Muslim Students

From Voice-Of-Europe:
Ten parents have complained about a primary school in Eastern Denmark that cancelled its traditional Christmas service.

The “Gribskolen” school made its decision because of the presence of students with immigrant backgrounds. The head of the school in Graested, Marianne Vederso says about it:

“We made the decision because we have children who are not Protestant … and it must be left to the individual families whether they want to privately attend a service.”

Danish politicians criticised the school after its decision to cancel the events. The complaints of the parents were also picked up by Danish media. They speculated that the cancellation is related to the sensitivities of the schools’ Muslim students.

Last year Danish Children of the school did participate in a week long Syria event about Middle Eastern culture. There were even lessons given by immigrant children to them.

One parent with two daughters at the school says:

“I don’t see why our tradition has to be taken away from us, just because someone else at the school believes in something else … I come from a small community, where the church is important, and these traditions are beautiful. I remember enjoying them myself as a child, and they are a fundamental part of Christmas.”

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