Husband Forcibly Converts Woman And Tries To Sell Her To ISIS

From IB-Times:
A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC), by 25-year-old Akshara Bose, alleging that she was subjected to forced conversion, sexual exploitation and fraudulent marriage. It also claimed that the woman's husband tried to sell her to Islamic State (ISIS).

This plea comes during the alleged case of love jihad, in which the apex court of India is yet to decide that Hadiya is truly a victim of love jihad or not.

The petitioner, Akshara Bose, who was born to a Hindu Ezhava family in Kerala, has reportedly moved the SC requesting an NIA probe. She claimed that she was forcefully converted to Islam, after one Sajjad Raham lured her into a sexual act, which he recorded on his phone in 2014.

The two came to know each other in 2014 as in a college where they studied and fell in love.

Raham allegedly used the video recording and blackmailed the 25-year-old into marry him. Later, in August 2017, he took her to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and restricted her from getting in touch with her parents back in India.

The mother of Raham is also allegedly involved in the forced conversion of Akshara. According to the petition, the family of Raham received load of cash and gold from unidentifiable sources, after they converted a non-Muslim to Islam.

The 25-year-old petitioner alleged that she was confined as a sex slave in Jeddah where she was forced to watch Islamic videos featuring Zakir Naik, the controversial Islamic preacher with alleged terror links.

Referring to her escape from Jeddah, the petitioner also mentions in her plea to the apex court of India, that Raham had planned to sell her to the Islamic States (ISIS), and was all set to travel to Syria along with her.

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