Pakistani Christian Teenager Girl Kidnapped And Raped

From Christian-In-Pakistan
Sheikhupura –based 12 Years old Christian girl named Mishal student of grade sixth abducted from her home, raped by 3 men and also burnt her body with cigarettes. According to her mother they reported Police officer but they did not take any action against the opposite party also they did not precede any FIR against them. She also requested CM Punjab to take notice of their case and please them.

The phenomenon of girls of religious minorities kidnapped, raped and in some cases, enforced to Islamic marriage, is endemic in Pakistan. According to Fides sources, affects about one thousand girls every year. It is part of the condition of subordination of women in Pakistani society, especially in rural areas, but women belonging to religious minorities are even more helpless, given that Muslim men feel they are guaranteed impunity in committing such abuse and are often backed by the police and the judiciary. Burning female parts with cigarettes was a routine exercise for them.

According to U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom USCIRF report

Komal, 15, was abducted from her home, raped and forced to convert from Christianity to Islam in 2015 June last year.

Mariam, 12, was abducted in Lahore, forced to convert and then forced into marriage.

Ann, 14  was abducted and raped in Narowal.

Susan was kidnap and forced to convert in Lahore.

Elizabeth, 14, was abducted and raped in Lahore.

Martha, 15 kidnap forced to convert and forced into marriage in Lahore.

Frances, 26 abducted, forced to convert and forced into marriage.

Sarah, 14 forced to convert and forced into marriage.

Many of them were supported by Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), which is based in Lahore. Their identities have been changed to protect their privacy.

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