US Muslim Preacher Accused Of Inappropriate Relationships

From Daily-Pakistan:
In an untoward development, renowned Muslim speaker Nouman Ali Khan has been accused of making inappropriate advances toward his female followers, here on Friday.

The allegations against the popular American speaker were hurled by Omer M. Mozaffar who claims to be a friend of the speaker for the last twenty years.

In a detailed Facebook post, Mozaffar claimed that he was working on a case related to Nouman Ali Khan in which the scholar confessed to having made inappropriate interactions with various women.

Mozaffar expressed that apart from confession, the speaker told lies and also threatened multiple parties to further hide his misconduct although he was advising him to seek repentance and reform himself.

Mozaffar also claimed that when the matter heated up, the local scholars of Dallas intervened and started investigating the matter with Mozaffaffar as arbitrator.

The investigations also included family members of Nouman who also admitted to “some of the accusations, though the evidence was worse,” claimed Mozaffar.

Moreover, as investigations continued, Nouman met the scholars and agreed to stop public speeches and stop contacting all the women until further notice.

The adjudicator Mozaffar was assigned the responsibility to keep an eye on Nouman who allowed him to post previously recorded lectures, so long as they were not about marriage or gender matters.

The developments in this case were also communicated to Muslim community leaders so that no one should become a victim at the hands of the scholar.

Mozaffar stated that the victims were also informed about an organisation that dealt with matters related to abuse and were encouraged to utilise all legal channels for justice.

According to Mozaffar, he also got in touch with a mutual friend to make sure that he was not hurling shaky allegations, however, as the interrogation continued, Nouman started to hit back with allegations that a campaign was being run against him by the Dallas-based scholars.

Mozaffar further claimed that now Nouman was sending threats against each of investigators through his attorney, however, he reiterated that ‘predatory behaviour against these students and conference attendees should be neither tolerated, nor replicated, nor ignored’.

Mozaffar also quoted references from Islamic principles and the life of last Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) to affirm that faith comes from God and not from a charismatic leader.

Although Nouman has not responded to the scathing allegations publicly, what adds weight to the observations of Mozaffar is the fact that Director of Religious Education and Social Services at the Islamic Information Society of Calgary, Navaid Aziz also substantiated the claims while confirming that the allegations against Nouman have been verified by multiple people, and some of them have even been confessed by him.

Aziz, through a Facebook post, stated that the details regarding the scandal were the “right” of the victims and they would be shared.

The speaker maintained that Islam did not revolve around the personalities and ‘your Imaan should not plummet because of such shenanigans’.

The official also confirmed that no one wanted to air the details of this episode, however, Nouman breached a contract and it was necessary to make the allegations public in a bid to protect women members of the community.

Navaid Aziz also clarified that a single case against the said speaker should not be utilised as a tool to malign all the Muslim public figures as those who did not commit mistakes should be held in high-esteem and learned from.

The scholar has yet to confirm or refute the allegations, however, social media buffs were left in utter disbelief and shock over the information recently released about the scholar.

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