Swedes Look The Other Way As Girls Abused On Bus By Refugee

From Gates-Of-Vienna:
All passengers were silent and pretended to see nothing when an Arab man on a bus loudly threatened to rape two Swedish teenage girls and called them whores. Instead the girls got chewed out by the bus driver, who threatened to throw them off the bus when they told the man to stop.

The two girls had to take a bus from Augustenborgstorget in Malmö one evening in May 2016. At the stop stood a 38-year-old Arab, now sentenced to a month’s imprisonment.

He remarked on the fact that the girls were each eating a candy bar.

“Is it good? If you want to suck on a big club you can suck on mine,” he explained.

The man, who has an immigrant background from Tunisia, and who has been convicted of abusing several Swedish women, continued to comment on the appearance of girls and said that they were dressed like sluts. As they got on the bus, the man looked at the bus driver and proclaimed:

“Look what nice a**es they have!”

The girls sat in the middle of the bus and the man sat behind them and continued to harass them:

“Habibi, habibi, I’ve raped your mothers!” he said, threatening to rape even the girls.

He turned especially towards one girl and threatened to first drug her and then rape her:

“You still have too big an a**, but I do not care, I’ll take you in the a**,” said the Arab.

When she said they were only 14 years old to get the Arab to quit, he just said that he didn’t care and that he would “take them in the a**” anyway.

The girl, who was terrified, responded to the fact that nobody in the bus said anything. Everyone just looked away. However, the driver reacted — by threatening to throw her off the bus when she shouted at the man and desperately asked him to stop.

“He told me to get off the bus, but I said it was not me who should be off, but it was the man who should be thrown off for what he was doing. But nobody in the bus said anything in my defense; everyone just sat quietly,” said the girl during police interrogation.

On the bus, the man also explained that he would go where the girls left, as he did. When they left the bus at Student Street, he followed them and continued to threaten them, among other things telling him that he had a connection to a criminal gang. One girl had previously called her father and the perpetrator was arrested by the police.

The 32-year-old man has now been sentenced to a month’s imprisonment by the Malmö District Court for sexual abuse and unlawful threats.

He has previously appeared in no less than 35 sections in the official register, but cannot be deported to the Arab world because he is a Swedish citizen.

The man was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment last 10 May 2017 by the Gothenburg District Court for threatening an official and violent resistance. Hässleholm District Court sentenced him on 31 August 2016 to two months in prison, for attempted violence against the official, threatening an official and violent opposition.

The violence that the 38-year-old has been convicted of has affected several Swedish women with whom he had relations. In June 2013, he was convicted of gross violence against women and for intercourse after inducing a woman to sell sex.

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