Prisoner Accused Of Stamping On Inmate's Face Following Row About Terror Attacks

From Manchester Evening News:
A prisoner punched another inmate to the ground and then stamped on his face following a row about the Brussels terror attacks, a court heard.

Shabir Ahmed, 64, from Oldham, attacked a 71-year-old fellow inmate at Wakefield prison who had suggested ‘terrorists should be eradicated’ on the day news broke about the outrage in Belgium, a jury was told.

The defendant confronted the elderly inmate and threatened to kill him ‘if you slag off Muslims again’.

The court heard that the defendant later floored the elderly prisoner, sending his false teeth flying, before stamping a number of times on his face and head.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Nick Adlington told the jury at Leeds Crown Court that both the defendant and the man he is accused of assaulting, James Palmer, were inmates at HMP Wakefield although he stressed the reason why they were in jail ‘does not or should not concern you for the purposes of deciding this case’.

The prosecutor described how Mr Ahmed took exception to comments being made by Mr Palmer at around 8.30am on Tuesday March 22 last year as he was walking with other prisoners to work.

Mr Palmer was discussing the recent Brussels terror attacks with a fellow inmate before suggesting that ‘terrorists should be killed’, said Mr Adlington.

He continued: “The defendant walking in front of him turned around and challenged Mr Palmer about his comments. There was an exchange of words, with the defendant telling Mr Palmer that if you slag off Muslims again he would kill him.”

Mr Palmer headed off to his workplace but when he was returning to his cell the defendant punched him to the face, causing him to fall to the ground, the jurors were told.

He was unaware of what happened after that although two eye witnesses saw Mr Ahmed raise his right foot and stamp on Mr Palmer’s head ‘a number of times’ before being pulled off by other prisoners, according to the prosecution.

Mr Ahmed then walked away, Mr Adlington told the jury.

Mr Palmer was taken to the prison’s healthcare department where he spent a few days being treated for a ‘bust nose’, a cut lip and abrasions to his head, the court heard.

He felt ‘light headed and dizzy’ for some time after alleged attack, the jurors were told. [...]

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