Oklahoma Trial Of Muslim Who Beheaded Co Worker

From Pamela-Geller:
Alton Nolen, who beheaded co-worker Colleen Hufford  at the Vaughn food processing plant with a large knife, testified most matter-of-factly that he was neither radicalized or recruited or influenced by anyone or anything other than the Quran.

Nolen carefully explained his interpretation of the Quran and said no one guided him in the religion and that he came his beliefs on his own.

“If you’re not Muslim, you’re not on my side.”
He also told investigators he did not regret what he did at all and that he would have beheaded a second co-worker if he wasn’t shot by the former owner of the plant Mark Vaughan. He called Hufford a “slave to the devil” and described himself as a “slave to Allah,” stating “You know the Muslim is somebody who submits their will to Allah…Whatever he wants done, that’s what we do…And you know he wants us to get the oppressors out of this place”.

When asked if he felt remorse or regret for his actions, Nolen responded “no.” He said he would go to heaven.

An informant at Nolen’s mosque, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, said the mosque preached hatred and jihad. Was the mosque investigated? On the contrary, President Obama send the mosque a letter of commendation just days after Hufford’s beheading.

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