Ninty Five Year Old Woman Battered In Malmo

From Fria-Tider:
A 95-year-old woman was robbed and battered for several hours by a number of men in Malmö. They entered the woman's home in the middle of the night as she was asleep, SkD writes .

It was between 03.30-05.00 and Thursday, as several men broke into a 95-year-old woman in Lorensborg, Malmö.

The men were partially black-dressed and masked. They battered and held the woman for one and a half hours. Meanwhile, they searched her home for valuables.

They pushed the woman and pushed her down on the floor so she could not move.

"The woman has been involved in something totally terrible. She is obviously very bad of what has happened, "says Malmö's president Nils Norling to SkD.

After the miscarriage, the men disappeared with a larger amount of theft money from the women's home, including cash and many valuables at large amounts. The police have not yet compiled the entire list.

The woman then succeeded in letting the police, who have done a technical examination of the residence and questioned the victim.

The police now want help with tips on the assault, believing, among other things, that the men used a car and visited the place we had a previous opportunity to reconnaissance.

Some kind of sentiment on men has not been published.

The event is classified as illegal detention, gross theft and ill-treatment.

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