Muslim Asylum Seeker Murders Woman

From Jihad-Watch:
Women have been rejecting men for as long as there have been women and men, and some of those men have, also from the beginning, brutalized and even killed the women who rejected them. It is also true that this Yemeni asylum seeker is a product of a culture of violence that mandates the beating of disobedient women (cf. Qur’an 4:34) and tells Muslim men that they can seize non-Muslim women and use them sexually (cf. Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30). So it is no surprise that this has happened. There will be much more of this in “diverse” Iceland.

Christine Douglass-Williams and I tried to warn Icelanders of what was to come, and we were uniformly vilified and misrepresented in the Icelandic press, which never bothered to report on what we actually said there. A Muslim leader who confronted us both when we spoke later claimed that the London Bridge jihad attack was “staged.” Then, when I was poisoned by a young Leftist Icelander, police didn’t bother to question the principal suspect (whose identity and location I was able to discover almost immediately) until 19 days after the incident, and have made no arrests in the case. Meanwhile, I’ve filed an ethics complaint against Hjalti Már Björnsson, the Icelandic doctor who treated me for apparently letting his Leftist politics get in the way of his Hippocratic oath, failing to inform me about what was found in my system or take adequate steps in treatment, and, in the opinion of several medical experts, failing to perform some standard procedures, leaving me severely physically vulnerable in a number of ways that I should not have been.

Meanwhile, Christine Douglass-Williams is in danger of losing her position in the Canadian government because of the warning she gave to Icelanders.

Clearly there are many people in Iceland and elsewhere who consider foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression a far greater threat than jihad terror and Sharia oppression. So Iceland has the Iceland it has chosen. And it will have a great deal more of it in the near future.

Family and friends of 44 year old Latvian woman, Sanita Braune who died after a violent and brutal attack on September 21 say that the suspect, a Yemeni asylum seeker in his 30s, had stalked the victim prior to the attack. The two had talked online and met once, after which the attacker became obsessed with the victim. He is said to have been “enraged” that she showed no romantic interest in him.

Dangerous stalker
Icelandic media has reported that the victim and the attacker had at some point had a “short personal relationship”. The Metropolitan Police confirmed this to the local news site Vísir, saying that the relationship had been over when the man attacked Sanita in her home on Hagamelur street west of downtown Reykjavík. The family rejects this account.

In an interview with the local newspaper DV friends and family members of Sanita say that she had at no time had a romantic or sexual relations with the attacker. She had talked to the man online and met him once, but wasn’t interested in meeting him again or getting to know him any better. This left the man enraged.

One of Sanita’s friends in Iceland, another Latvian woman, told DV that Sanita had told her she didn’t like the man. The man refused to accept this and started to stalk Sanita. She told her family about this, but did not express immediate fear for her life or otherwise indicate that the man was a threat. “She didn’t know the man, and was not in any contact with him. They talked online, but she rejected him because she didn’t like him. I think that enraged him,” a family member told DV

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