Brutal ISIS Sharia Enforcer Returns To Canada

From Jihad-Watch:
A recent Global News investigation provided a rare glimpse into the life of an alleged former jihadist who is back in Canada, living freely in Toronto.

The Pakistani-born Canadian citizen graduated from a Toronto high school in 2012. He then moved to Pakistan to go to university and began attending a mosque affiliated with an Islamist terrorist group.

His mosque told him to join the jihad, so he travelled to Syria and took up arms with Islamic State (ISIS). He became an officer in ISIS’ so-called “morality” police.

ISIS practices draconian Sharia law. His job was to enforce it.

Under ISIS rule, thieves have their limbs chopped off and women are beaten for talking to men or not completely covering their faces.

Men accused of homosexuality are throw off rooftops.

Apostates — those who are disloyal or questioning of Islam — are publicly executed. The morality police impose these medieval punishments and uphold this cruel set of laws.

Eventually, this ISIS officer with ties to Canada became scared and decided he no longer wanted to be a jihadist.

So, he fled in the middle of the night, making his way to Turkey, where he was arrested and deported to Pakistan.

In an interview with Global, the man said he was in Pakistan for two years before coming to Canada.

In the summer of 2016, he hopped on a flight to Pearson Airport and “went through a passport check without any trouble. He told the immigration officer he’d been in Pakistan.”

So this man lied to border agents to enter our country, but was able to breeze back into Canada.

The only reason authorities became aware of this former ISIS agent’s presence in Canada was due to a social media post he wrote about how he had once been part of the terrorist army.

Even after that, Canadian officials merely paid him a visit and began monitoring him more closely.

He wasn’t arrested or detained.

He wasn’t charged with treason or put on trial for any alleged crimes he may have committed while imposing ISIS’s evil Sharia law.

He’s a free man. And according to the Global report, he’s living quite well — “in a spacious house with a satellite dish and a two car-garage

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