Temple Mount Terror Attack Was Muslim Brotherhood Operation

From PJ-Media:
According to a Shin Bet statement, last month's terror attack on Jerusalem's Temple Mount that killed two Israeli Druze police officers was directly aided by a mosque official tied to the banned "Islamic Movement" — the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Israel.

Security measures imposed by Israel after the attack sparked weeks of riots and protests, and a Jewish family preparing their Sabbath meal was murdered in their West Bank home.

The Times of Israel reports:

The Shin Bet security service said the suspect, 35-year-old Amjad Muhammad Ahmad Jabarin from the city of Umm al-Fahm, transported the three terrorists to Jerusalem, spoke with them about their plans ahead of time, and “even offered to join them in carrying out the attack on at least two occasions.”
During his interrogation, Jabarin also revealed connections between the three terrorists -- all of them named Muhammad Jabarin from Umm al-Fahm -- and the outlawed Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, the Shin Bet said.

According to the indictment, Jabarin trained with the terrorists ahead of the attack, joining them when they went to practice shooting their improvised “Carlo” submachine guns.

The night before the attack, he also drove the three to a soccer field in Umm al-Fahm, which served as a pickup point for a shuttle to the Temple Mount, knowing that they were armed and planning to carry out the shooting, according to the charges against him.

After the attack, Jabarin also hid some of the killers’ belongings -- cellphones and keys to a car -- which they’d given him beforehand, according to the indictment.

The Shin Bet said the men came together to plan their attack at the mosque in Umm al-Fahm’s al-Malsa’a neighborhood.

The indicted mosque muezzin also implicated the Islamic Movement:

“The findings of the investigation pointed to a clear link between the al-Malsa’a mosque and the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, which was declared an illegal organization in November 2015 and is now considered a terrorist organization,” the agency said.

“In addition, connections were found between the assailants and the Islamic Movement, including support for the ideas put out by the movement and through their involvement in organizations that have clear links to the Islamic Movement,” the Shin Bet said.

I reported here at PJ Media in November 2015 on the ban of the Islamic Movement and its designation as a terrorist organization:

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