Islamic States Attack Kills Fourteen In Lybia

From Plenglish:
An attack in southern Libya attributed to the Islamic State (IS) killed 14 people today, including 12 soldiers and two civilians, military sources reported.

The action allegedly carried out by militias of extremist leader Jalifa Hafter was against a checkpoint on the road linking the southern towns of Sebha and Fuqaha, about 500 kilometers from Tripoli, officials added on condition of anonymity.

According to these sources, the bodies of the victims appeared with their heads cut off, a custom of the IS groups deployed in the south, from where they withdrawn in December, under pressure by an offensive against the city of Sirte with the support of the US aviation and Government troops supported by the UN.

Libya suffers from the aftermaths of war and chaos, following the 2011 invasion by NATO forces that assassinated local leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, event after which two executives have been vying for power, the one supported by the UN in the west and the other headed by Hafter.

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