Huddled Masses Gas And Rob Truck Drivers

From Express:
British lorry drivers are increasingly being targeted by migrant gangs who gas them and rob them in their cabins as they take a nap in rest stops near Calais.

Several truckers who were sleeping in their cabins at a rest stop in Baralle, south of Calais, were set upon this week.

Matt Swann, 37, a lorry driver from Great Yarmouth woke up to find the door lock on his cabin smashed in and his trousers and wallet containing 130 Euros missing, The Sun reports.

He told The Sun: “I felt completely disorientated and with a splitting headache.”

Mr Swann had been parked up for the night at the rest stop when he was robbed.

French police are carrying out investigations into the robberies by the gangs.

Initial inquiries suggest that the gangs put tiny tubes through the truck doors and fill the cabs with gas to knock their victims out cold.

Another trucker, Glenn Muir, 64, from the same Norwich firm as Mr Swann and several other British lorry drivers said they were also fleeced of cash this week.

Mr Muir lost at least £300 in the robbery.

He told The Sun: “I stood up from bed and collapsed to my knees feeling dizzy and sick.”

Calais is still facing a host of problems from migrant gangs, despite the infamous “jungle” camp, that housed hundreds of migrants being closed.

Some 10,000 people were ejected after the Jungle was razed in October.

But, in June The Express newspaper revealed that hundreds of migrants had set up a new camp in Calais and were sleeping and living in the area.

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