House Explosion Linked To Barcelona Attack

From Express:
AN EXPLOSION at a house in Catalonia that killed one person is connected to the Barcelona terror attack, Catalan police have confirmed.

The residents of the house which was flattened in the town of Alcanar Platja, which is around 125 miles away from Thursday's attack in Barcelona, were preparing explosives, Catalan police confirmed.

The person killed in Wednesday deadly house explosion is believed to be of Morrocan origin.

A further seven people have been injured.

Butan gas canisters were found near the house, according to Spanish media reports.

Head of the Catalan police (Mosses) Josep LluĂ­s Trapero said that the explosion that occurred last night is related.

The blast was so powerful that not only did it flatten the building but also damaged a six further properties.

The house where the events took place is located on Calle Martinenca B.

Local sources indicate that the collapsed house was inhabited by two Moroccan brother but the Mossos investigation points out, from the remains being found, that there could be three people caught in the blast.

Mr Trapero confirmed at a press conference that no further terrorist attacks are expected in the next few hours.

He said: ”We do not anticipate that an attack can be imminent.”

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